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Seoul Itinerary 7 Days

Guess i'm concluding my post for my Seoul's trip *finally*, i'm going to summarize everything in this post, and some of the restaurant or sight seeing, i actually posted a post for it, so do click on the links i provided down there for more info!!!

 Day 1- 19th Jan 2013 
Incheon Airport-Myeongdong-Lunch(Andong Jjimdak)-shopping at Myeongdong-Dinner (Namdaemun night market)- Lotte Young Plaza
I travel to Seoul by Air Asia, and the flight landed around 8.30am KST (Korea TIME)
Before getting down the plane, it's better to fill up this form to save time
 Some specs for visitors to use
 After passing the custom check

You can see the board, showing you which place to get your luggage

Take a train to get your baggage

Besides that, we rent internet (Olleh), for more info, check out my post on Rent internet in-korea olleh wifi

After renting Olleh, it's time to have a quick bite at Paris Baguette

After my quick bite, we took Commuter to Seoul Station and then to Myeongdong
For more info on the direction to AREX and commuter, check out this
 Transportation from incheon airport to Seoul
 Then from Sejong Hotel, the bellman of Sejong Hotel help us to call Mr.Ko from Seoul Tower Ville.
For more info about Seoul Tower Ville, check out this post Seoul Tower Ville Accommodation
 After check-in procedure were completed, we head out to Myeongdong for lunch

Myeongdong's underground terminal shopping

Entering the street of Myeongdong
Some street food

We had our lunch at Andong Jjimdak, for more info about Andong Jjimdak check out this post
Andong Jjimdak

After brunch, it's time to have a walk around Myeongdong, I love korea! everytime i walked passed any shop, Korean songs are everywhere!
 the 1st day i already bought these much of skin care and cosmetic
Heat pads which helps to keep ur hand warm

At night, we walked to Namdaemun Market to have dinner
Our dish we ordered. For more info check out my post Dinner at Namdaemun Market
 At night, it's the best time to hop over to Lotte Young Plaza as they have a bridge where you could look down to the busy road of Myeongdong.and also their rooftop.
 Chilling at Angel-in-us cafe, their caramel mocha and mocha taste great!


  Day 2- 20th Jan 2013
Hongdae- Breakfast+Lunch (Kongbul) - Trick Eye Museum- shopping around Hongdae- Hello Kitty Cafe- Myeongdong shopping- Dinner (Yoogane)

Our initial plan was to go Hwacheon Ice festival on that day, however, we were too tired to wake up so early, so we postponed it (we actually postponed it many days). So, i decided to drop by Hongdae.
Some vending machine in the subway

We dined in Kongbul, for more info, check out my post on Kongbul (콩불), Hongdae
This taste really good! must go okay! By the way, it's PORK yea~
After lunch, it's time to head over to the Trick Eye Museum,
for more details about it, check out my post about Trick Eye Museum
After that, it's time to shop and wonder around in Hongdae Street ^^
 Found this cotton candy stall, the owner has a huge dog

 Haha's BBQ shop

Old school snacks

Noraebang (karaoke)

A really nice building

This shop sells many cheap 1,000Won ear-rings and accessories, some are more expensive.
It's located near Hello Kitty Cafe area
 After that, we drop by Hello Kitty Cafe for a rest, check out my post about Hello Kitty Cafe
Then at night, we had our dinner in Yoogane, Hop on to my post about Yoogane

   Day 3- 21th Jan 2013
Gwangjang Market- Edae(Ewha Uni)- Zoo Cafe- Edae Shopping- u-sujebi- Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping

For more details, go to my Gwangjang market post
Gwangjang Market's  Ground Mung Beans Pancake which is really good! go try out yea~
in Gwangjang Market you can find many traditional stuff and local foods =)
Since it's raining, we gave up going Dongdaemun, so we head over to Edae and once we reach there, as it's quite cold cum raining, we rest our foot at Zoo Cafe
again, go to my Zoo Cafe post
Teeheehee after that, again, it's shopping and sight seeing time! my favorite!
Edae sells many cheap 10,000Won bags! be sure to check it out okay!
Yes apM, a shopping mall, which also sells some fashion clothing, but not much, cse not all of the shop lots were occupied

Dinner time at U-Sujebi, we had bimbimbap there, so go to my post for more detailed info U-Sujebi
 We then drop by Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping, it do have some florist shop, shop selling bags and cloths. i manage to get a long sleeve shirt for 5,000won =)
Near Express Bus Terminal, there's an underground shopping mall which sells many clothing, bags etc. Express Bus Terminal also have many Korean Restaurants which are pack with locals, got chance i will go there again
We bought some noodle cup, Angel-in-us caramel mocha (TASTE GOOD), cheese stick, Makgeolli, banana milk(Muz Try!) but some people dislike the taste =(
 Oh yea, we also bought Twotwo chicken back to our hotel for supper, for more info, click on my Twotwo Chicken post

 Day 4- 22th Jan 2013 
Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival- Myeongdong

We woke up around 6am KST and start our journey to Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. So for more detail info, click on my Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival 
It's really fun, but i think it's somehow best to drop by during weekends. and this is also a must go festival during winter!!
 When i were there, my boots spoiled, i couldn't enjoy much cse my foot is freezing
 After sight seeing in Hwacheon, we headed back to Myeongdong, when we reach there, it's around late noon. We had many street food, for more different street food click this post
 Deli Manjoo, a must try snacks too, for more info, click on my Deli Manjoo post
 In Seoul, we continously rest our foot and warm ourselves up in cafes
 So this time, we drop by at Siwon's Twosome Coffee at Myeongdong
 That time, they were giving out some espresso for customers to try, lucky us

 Day 5- 23th Jan 2013 

 Insadong- Buckhon Hanok Village- Star Miss Lee Cafe- Ssamziegil- Apgujeong(Kona Beans)- Edae

A morning walk at Buckhon Hanok Village, unfortunately, it's raining AGAIN piff, and i were coughing all the way there.

After that, we went to Star Miss Lee Cafe for brunch, for more info and directions, hop on to my Star Miss Lee Cafe post. Star Miss Lee Cafe serves Traditional Lunchbox(Dosirak), traditional rice snacks, Patbingsu etc

 After our brunch, it's time to head over to Ssamziegil which is really near to Star Miss Lee Cafe, Ssamziegil sells many artistic things and cute things, but the price there ain't cheap

After sigh seeing in Insadong, i asked my boo to bring me to Kona Beans LOL. so yeah. we went to Kona Beans kekeke, for more info and directions, go to my Kona Beans Post

Since, we did not spend much time at Ewha that day due to rain, we decided to head back to Edae.
Again, my boo went to Yes apM to buy some cloths, and the men's cloths looks nice!
 Remember i mentioned earlier that Edae sells many cheap 10,00Won bags? i got myself 2 bags there
Heathers which keeps people really warm, i love standing beside it

 Then we had Japnese Cuisine for dinner lol. but no regrets, it taste awesome!
Check out my post for more info Japanese Cuisine

 This time we bought this packet of coffee, apparently we like it too
 And i spot Suju's campaign poster in the subway ^^

 Day 6- 24th Jan 2013


 It was an extremely freezing cold day, wind was way too strong and we couldn't stay out for so long, so we just hang around in Myeongdong, do some last minute shopping and chilling in cafe
But we manage to find this yummy restaurant which serves Bulgogi etc.
Side dish
Their Menu
 The marinated beef was cooked with a mouthwatering stew with onions, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and green onions instead of BBQ. And the texture of the beef is so tender and juicy. As the beef soaks it's own juice, whenever i bite the beef,  sweetness and savory of the beef are flowing out in my mouth. With the sweet and savory beef, the fragrant stew, it's an excellent combination with white rice!

After brunch we walked around, somehow i spot us on the screen *shy*
 Time to chill at Angel-in-us Cafe

Kim Soo Hyun!
Some Selca at Mplaze to use their washroom, their washroom are clean ^^
 Our things!

  Day 7- 25th Jan 2013
The day where we flew back to KL TcT, we went to Incheon Airport by Bus, which cost 10,000Won from Sejong Hotel.
We saw people wearing costume getting around Incheon Airport for visitors to take pictures
 And then, we dine at this restaurant, and we had bulgogi again for our last meal in Seoul
It taste good too
 Here comes to the end of my Seoul trip, overall i had a great time, but i hate it when it rains, i rather it snows at least i saw something i never seen before in Malaysia lol
 Seoul, i promise i will be back soon. =)

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  1. Korea!!! I wanna go... need to save a lot if i wanna go. All the food looks really good but not cheap. Just a bus trip also cost RM30 already :(