Friday, March 1, 2013

Directions to Kona Beans

Hello i am an ELF. SOOOO what should i do when i visit SEOUL?!
Yea, tats right! KONA BEANS, MOUSE RABBIT, Y STYLE, Tours Le Jours, Twosome Coffee
But i just went to Kona Beans and Twosome Coffee, cause for me, mouse rabbit and tours le jours were too far, and i believe there wasn't much sigh seeing there.. so nah.. i will just go another time TcT *heart breaking*

Kona Beans locates at Apgujeong, three members of Super Junior joined and open this cafe for their parents, which are LeeTeuk, Sungmin and KyuHyun.
Directions to Kona Beans is at the end of this post okay. so be patient and read finish this post pretty pls? *puppy eyes*

 Some Merchandise of Kona Beans
For me, i think the theme of Kona Beans is like summer feel which is really comfy
 Signatures TT
Spot Kangin!
Ignore this fat lady (me) who looks ugly, but the background looks good, so look at the background only k
Guess what, even i am not lucky enough to see Suju, but i still can see Suju's mama
 I order Mocha, boo ordered caramel mocha i guess. I do love their Mocha's taste, and i think Kona Beans are environmental friendly, you know why? because out of few cafe i been to, Kona beans is the only one using CUPS instead of paper cups when you dine in. So i really appreciate it.
 Then i went to their washroom, i saw this cute toilet paper! so cute u noe! but i use it on my butt. sigh. nvm
 Then, Selca first teeheehee

 Directions to Kona Beans↓
 From Myeongdong Sation (Line 4) to Chungmuro (Line 4)
 From Chungmuro (Line 4) transfer to Line 3 to Apgujeong (Line 3) Exit 2 

Once you come out from Exit 2, Make an "U-turn" on your left, and follow the path on your right and walk straight (Don't cross the road)

Continue walking straight, until you see Hyundai Oilbank opposite you, then cross the road and continue to walk straight again.
 Then continue walking straight until you see Shinchan Bank and black smith, then you make a right turn into the path in between Shinchan Bank and Black Smith Cafe
Once you walk into the path, you can see this building, then continue walking straight 
 Then you can see Angel-in-us Coffee, then Kona Beans further down =))

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