Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Minarae Korean Food, Sri Petaling

Before you read this post, i would like to highlight again, these are all based on me and my friend's experience. I am not sure whether everyone felt the same or encounter the same experience, so you can choose ignoring my review. cause as a consumer, i serve a right to voice out what i feel towards the service and product i used.

Had dinner with my tpians babes at Minarae Sri Petaling
i am so desperate to blog bout our bad dinning experience in Minarae
we ordered Seafood Pajeon, Dak Galbi (marinated sauce with pork slice,squid, cabbage, tteokbokki etc)
it's smtg like uncle jang's. And we order two ramen.
The waiter's service was soooo slow. like tortoise. we ended up cooking ourselves cause the cabbage everything started to be over cooked. and we stirred in our ramen ourselves*and we paid for service tax wtf*

Ok... time to review the foodsssss
Seafood Pajeon... 
OMG have you ever had a seafood pajeon made with EGG? i tot it should be flour??
the whole thing is with egg, green onions, some small prawns, tiny little squid
where's the traditional pajeon made with flour?????
The worst pajeon i had in my life okay...

Next... The Dak Galbi
~ The Tteokbokki was over cooked i think. do you know how it taste like? it's like gum, or chewing gum( i dont know if you ever tried it, once u chew ur chewing gum for too long, it tend to be so sticky like it's going to dissolve in ur mouth...) that's how the tteokbokki taste like, it's not even chewable, you can use ur chopstick to squash the tteokbokki itu sticky form *my gosh*
~ the sauce doesn't taste good
~the best among the whole dak galbi, i think it's the cabbage or pork
overall Minarae is a total let down... disappointed to the max

The bill ended up with RM108++ for 3 cups of green tea(RM4 each), Seafood Pajeon(RM25), Ramenx2 (RM5), the remain will be for Dak Galbi's price

 These stickers represent our overall expression after tasting their food


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  2. Im sorry but as I know traditional Pajeon 'is' made of a combination of Egg and flour ^^ pls do some research before posting anything about Korea..

    1. Hi thr, thanks for dropping by, thanks for ur info. I did mentioned that pajeon is made of flour.but wat I mean is, it taste plain like an egg seafood dish which has no slight traditional taste of korean pajeon. Whereby pajeon should not only have EGG but also flour. Traditional pajeon have thick texture but this is only consists of egg, spring onions n seafood which do not havr an authentic taste of traditional korean pajeon . Hope u get wat I mean. I do know what Im blogging.but thanks for the remark, next time I will ensure to specify all ingredient in my blogpostDelete