Friday, February 22, 2013

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash

Hmm just wondering.. since this world is blast with all kind of catchy and nice songs, I am wondering what's everyone's all-time favorite music album? It includes KPOP,EPOP,CPOP,TPOP,JPOP etc etc etc

For me, as i am a LOYAL ELF (Super Junior) Fans, my all time favorite music album will be their 
3rd Sorry Sorry Repackage Album
WHY? Because it's complete... a complete album with all 13 members, as you know, nowadays super junior tend to promote with 9 members, since Leeteuk and Heechul are in army, while Ki Bum focus on acting career and Hangeng LEFT!
 Therefore, this is a real precious album for me. And i hope more people could get to know that other than Sorry Sorry or their other promotion songs, there are many more songs which are nice!

This album consists of 
Track List
 02. She Wants It

 03.  It’s You
 04. Love Disease
 05. Love U More
 06. Why I like you
 07. Let’s not…
 08. Angela)
 09. RESET
 11. WHAT IF
 12. Heartquake
 13. CLUB No.1
 15. Dead at heart

Yea.. Their famous Sorry Sorry!
 Another song which is nice will be Shinning Star, a sweet song
It's you, a sweet love song too

And for Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash, i really hope that the DJ could play my selected playlist! so that everyone can dance and goof around with these awesome kpop musics.
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