Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seoul Tower Ville

It's time to blog about my accommodation i choose for my Seoul Trip,
i have been hesitating either to choose Zaza Backpackers, Namsan Guets House or Seoul Tower Ville
Yea. ended up with Seoul Tower Ville, why?
  • STV accept booking at anytime (Namsan, Zaza only permit booking 3 months before your traveling period)
  • STV accepts payment by card (Zaza and Namsan prefer cash)
  • STV provide transportation to and from Sejong Hotel (Myeongdong) on the day you arrive and depart
  • STV's room are more home like, which includes washing machine, fridge, water dispenser (cold &hot), gas stove (but i did not use it), microwave, Wifi
  • They provide toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, new toothbrush (but we did not use it, cse we bought our own lol, so must use la, if not whn we weigh our luggage overweight thn faint)
 I made my reservation through email, as Mr.Ko replies to email efficiently, you can choose to converse with him in English, Mandarin, Japanese

After our stay in STV, these are our reviews
Good Point
  • The room overall are comfy enough for us, their bed are comfy also, they provide blankets
  • They provide many hangers, which is a good thing, cse some travelers don't bring hangers right (i do bring lol)
  • Their room heather works well, which is an really important thing to look into when u travel on winter
  • Mr.Ko looks fierce and strict, but he is really kind, they do remind you a night before u depart on what time you have to gather at their office so he can fetch you or your luggage to Sejong Hotel (Mr.Ko's partner send our luggage to Sejong Hotel on the time we both set, so that we can make our last minute shopping without carrying heavy luggage around)
  • Having a water dispenser and fridge in your own room is really a plus point to STV, cse if i'm not mistaken, zaza and namsan don't provide these in ur room, but at the common area
  • Water heather works well too
Bad Point
  • It's too tiring for us to climb up back to STV, you know la... after a whole day of shopping and sight seeing, it's soo tiring to climb up the stairs and slope.
  • It's not advisable for people who elderly people, couples with children/babies (if your kids are big enough to climb the stairs carefully thn it's ok la)
  • If you don't mind to climb up the slope and stairs every night, STV can be a good option for you =)     *you can see how is the slope and stairs are like on the below pictures i took*
However, overall we have a pleasant experience in STV =))

STV's use this van to pick us up
 STV's building, looks exactly same with the pictures they show on their site
 Do you see those red stickers on the door? whn you don't feel like having room service, just stick it on your door before you leave your room =)
Snow on the path near STV
 I was like so 38, stepping on the snow happily and snap a pic =.= cse kampung girl from Msia, haven't see snow before, pity me

Directions to Seoul Tower Ville↓
From Myeongdong Sation (Line 4), Exit 3 take the escalator up, and you will see 7-11 on your left once you are up. 
Continue walking straight until you see GS25 on your right, Hotel Pacific on the center, and there are two path one on your left and right, follow the path on your left
Walking straight again until you see Mini Stop on your right, then there's a path beside Mini Stop , follow that path and walk straight again, and you will spot this sign on your left. Then it's time for you to climb up the stairs lol
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