Monday, January 13, 2014

Yadah Spring Festival

Attended my 1st event last Saturday in year 2014! Definitely a great thing to kick start this brand new year!
Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia again for selecting me *shed tears*!
The venue was held at Little Wonton at TTDI! This was my first time visiting Little Wonton! 
I was superb excited to attend the event and i can show off my newly dyed hair *beh paiseh*

Actually, before attending Yadah's Spring Festival, i already heard about Yadah! I actually find that Yadah character looks so cute! And i actually gained interest in their Mascara and Lip Tint after reading Lumi's review! But what i don't know is that Yadah actually uses natural ingredients! For people who have sensitive skin like me really need to use products using natural ingredient.
Yadah always emphasize that it's 100% FREE from 
Artificial Colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts!

Isn't Yadah cute!
Some tools for the product testing
Bloggers being bloggers, snap pictures like nobody business is one of a MUST
Tons of Yadah products for bloggers to test out.
And of course, Little Wonton's Wonton were served as an appetizer before event kick start.
Various Yadah Products can be found, ranging from skin care to bath series.
Tammy, our mamasan distributing wontans to all butterflies *hugs*
Some props for bloggers selfie purpose.
Glad to bump into Fiona!
Pretty Elaine started briefing all bloggers about Yadah! Thanks for the awesome brief, i get to learn more about Yadah! Oh, and i bet you all wanted to know more about Yadah!
 Did you know Yadah uses these natural organic plants?
One of the Key Ingredient found in all Yadah's product is this cute cactus, but don't underestimate the power of this Opuntia Ficus Indica! It's a special cactus species from Korea! The key benefit of this cactus is anti inflammatory and rich in antioxidant !

Yadah's product also got certified by KOREAN FDA! which proves that it's suitable for all skin types!

While Elaine introduced Sweet Milky Lip Tint, Lumi's picture was included in the slide! hohoho so excited to see one of my favorite blogger's picture showing in the slide! lol *isn't she pretty!* pic credit to Yadah malaysia and Lumi
 Yadah Sweet Milky Lip Tint can be used as lip tint and blusher!

After that it's product testing time
1. Yadah  Bubble Deep Cleanser RM49
we were asked to remove the eyeliner, the thicker liner (Liquid), thinner liner (Pencil)
 I am really impress with the outcome! it's good and easy to use, just pump out the foam and cleanse it! Btw, it smells like orange ^^. Here's a video showing me cleansing off the eyeliner. So do have a look!

2. Yadah Oh My Sunblock SPF 35+

We were given 3 types of sunblock to test out the texture, smell etc. Based on my review:
Sunblock A texture is quite greasy and the smell of the sunblock is a no no for me.
Sunblock B, texture is light, easily absorb which leave a non greasy touch. Smells good!
Sunblock C, smell acceptable, still prefer the overall texture of Sunblock B!
Apparently, other bloggers also voted for Sunblock B (highest vote!) and it's Yadah's Oh My Sunblock! They are going to launch it on January at SASA Msia Outlets!
What's great of Oh My Sun Block? 
  • An upgraded version of Yadah's old sunblock. 
  • It's colorless 
  • High Moisturizing (70% Water Based)
  • Suitable for all skin type including Sensitive Skin 
  • FREE from harmful chemical
    I also learned that There are no waterproof sunscreen! There's only water resistance sunscreen but we still need to reapply it after 40 -80 minutes! What's more is higher SPF is unlikely to offer more protection!
3. Yadah Lip Tint Balm RM25

Swatches on my hand
1. Shiny Peach
2. Blink Blink Yellow
3. Sugar Pink
4. Cherry Red
4. Yadah Brightening Ampoule RM65
Just tried the texture, apparently, texture is quite light.

5. Yadah Sweet Milky Tint RM25
 Swatches on my hand
6. Yadah  Bloom / Highlash Mascara RM35
 We were asked to write down our new year resolution in one of the lantern hanging back there. So yeah here's mine :)
 Had a scrumptious breakie/brunch Little Wonton, Vinegar Garlic (One of the best seller)
I think it's really appetizing because of the sourish taste of vinegar! What surprise me is, they add on Lychee in it, didn't know that it goes well with it!
 Tried Little Wonton's Sweet Wonton and Savoury Wonton
Kaya Banana is my favorite! Didnt know the combination of kaya and banana makes it taste good. But i don't fancy chocolate banana. =(
 With the friendly Ayna and Fiona! Lovely pic credit to Butterfly Project Malaysia
 A picture with Fiona and Lulu! Pic credit to Lulu!
All thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia i get to know more bloggers :)
 Here are some reviews on the product i got from the event
Yadah Bloom Mascara
For more info check out this post Yadah Bloom Mascara Review

Yadah Oh My Sunblock
This is how the texture looks like
 Sry, another selfie

 Product review
honestly, this sunblock really have fast absorption. After spreading the sunblock evenly on my face, it doesn’t leave any stickiness touch. I just felt that as if I did not apply anything on my face. The packaging of the sunblock is easy to use, able to control the amount I want.
I have been using this for more than 2 weeks, when i went to Universal Studio Singapore, i sweat alot,  the weather is hot, but i don't find my face have the sticky touch
Besides, this is the 2nd time I heard that we do not need to use cleansing oil/cream/milk to remove sunblock(usually if we apply sunblock, we need to cleanse our face). So far lazy bums, this sunblock can be one of your choice. But personally, I still prefer to cleanse my face with cleansing milk first.

BTW Good news to my readers, you can save and print this voucher! You can get RM8 off! isn't it cool!
T&C: Only applicable during 20th Jan - 16th Feb 2014, 1 voucher per transaction

Before ending this post, i would like to thank
  • Yadah Malaysia for having us and i gained some info and awesome products from this event!
  • Little Wonton for allowing us to have the event held there and thanks for the great yummilicous food!
  • Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me another opportunity to attend these events :)
Thanks all!


  1. Nice to meet u in this event SuSu!

  2. These products look great! I would love to try some!

    1. yea! the packaging looks cute too. It's available at SASA outlets ^^