Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel, Singapore

During my stay in Singapore, Peng and I decided to stay in The Pod, which is located at Bugis area.
We were attracted by the theme of The Pod (Capsule Style), so we decided to go with it!
This is also a last minute booking, luckily there are no extra charges for last minute booking. We are allow to pay by cash or credit card on the spot. Cool.
The Pod have 3 levels,
3rd level is the reception area, pantry and some rooms (i think that's for men)
4th Level are all rooms and washroom (Mine is at Level 4)
5th Level are rooms and Dry Cleaning Area

This is how my room looks like (Pics by Me)
Level 4, Room 3

This room contains 12 capsule (Upper & Lower deck)
 A place under ur deck to keep your personal belongings. The drawer can only be open with your own personal card :) So no worries.
My capsule is the one on the upper deck

This is how my capsule bed looks like, there's only 1 socket. But there are 2 socket in the room thou.

 The personal card (Key to room, building,personal drawer)
 A Hanger is provided, place to hang your cloths

 Close the blind for more privacy
A Changing room is provided in each room with a long mirror ^^

Level 4 conssits of 3 shower room and 2 wash room

2 hairdryers

Shoe Locker, your locker is according to your bed number

Breakfast are served from 7am- 11am. They provide cereals, cappuccino, breads, buns, puffs, sausages, waffles, dimsum, orange juice, fruits etc. I think it's not bad lar for a simple breakkie b4 you start your journey
 Variety of Cappucino capsule for you (1 person 1 capsule per day) according to your preference

Beside the reception area, there are 3 business suites for people to use (Laptop provided for surfing purpose, phone for business call etc)

Security system well prepared.

$112 for 2 nights (per capsule/ POD)

 So what's my review after staying at The Pod
- Something New. Since i have never try capsule like hotel before, so this is quite new for me :)
- Breakfast are acceptable.
- Shower gel, shampoo, hair dryer are provided
- The washroom and shower room are consider clean
- Friendly staff
- They change your towel everyday

- You have to buy or bring your own drinking water as they only provide a tiny bottle each day.
- Online requested for Single POD with Side entry but we got Front entry instead
- You have to wait for your turn for bath since there are only 3 shower room (expected la if you stay at hostel like concept)
- The changing room do not have it's own switch, as it is connected with the room switch. so no point la the changing room, if you wake up earlier, you can't be so mean to turn on the light just to use your changing room kan.
 - They don't clean your tissue, only change your towel ...

 Location Wise:
Hmm, not near to MRT station, so for those who are very particular about the distance between your hotel and MRT Station, DO NOT CHOOSE THIS!

In my opinion, it's far when you are walking there with your luggage around and during a sunny day. But at night, Singapore is windy, from Bugis MRT station to The Pod it's was quite a short distance lar actually.
But you can reach The Pod from Nicoll Highway Station (It's nearer to The Pod)! but i think it's not advisable to use Nicoll Highway Station back to The Pod at night since that area doesn't have much crowd.

Besides, there are quite a number of pubs around The Pod (walking from Bugis MRT Station path)
 So for those who love nightlife, can consider The Pod as one of your option :)

Will i choose The Pod again?
 No, i prefer to have my own washroom and shower room. It's irritating to hear other people snoring and talking when you are trying to get your beauty sleep. So yea, this is just a chance to try a new experience.

The Pod is located at Bugis Area
The Pod, Singapore 
Address: 289 Beach Road Level 3
Singapore 199552


  1. love how detail you blog about this place. I would love to try something like this but i feel like i wont be enjoying it if i do. hahaha.

  2. interesting type of budget hotel! maybe i'll give it a try next round I go to Singapore.. haven't seen this type before. thanks for sharing ur review :-) btw I've followed ur blog! mind following me too? :)

  3. That place looks so cool! I bet it could be annoying at times but I would love to stay there for the experience!