Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kyochon Malaysia , One Utama

Ever since i tasted Korean fried chicken during my visit to Seoul, I fell for their chicken!
How can it taste soo good! However, it's disappointing that there is only one Korea Chicken Shop franchise in Malaysia!! 

But now, i don't have to be dissapointed anymore since Kyochon just open their 1st ever franchise in MALAYSIA, One Utama Shopping Mall yoo! What's even awesome is that, my all time favorite Super Junior endorsed Kyochon *ohmy*!
I actually tried Kyochon during Churpout2013 and Super Show 5! This time, i paid a visit to their outlet in One Utama!
Their menu :)
Realize that their motto is by providing customers 3 promises which are 
- Not serving fast food
- Only use 100% Natural Ingredient
- Use only healthy and fresh chicken
Kyochon also offers salads
I was told that this is only applicable for dinner
Sorry a superb failed photo of the menu
Even can see my hand
Then i gave up, and jump to the beverage page
The boys
 While waiting for our order to be served, some pictures of me and Peng. Since i look extremely ugly that day, a candid picture of me only
 The pretty Peng
 Some radish pickles i assume were served first *currently it's not refillable*
 We ordered 2 Combo 2 RM14.90 (per set) + RM1 (Add on Butter Rice)
which comes with 2 Original Soy Chicken Wings, 2 Sal Sal Strips, we add on RM1 for Butter Rice, and changed soda to Bori-Cha (Roasted Barley Tea)
 Hmm, the butter rice not so special also. So you might as well go with normal rice will do :)
 We were given 3 types of choices for the Sal Sal Chicken sauce, we choose Honey Mustard and Jambalaya (Barbeque Sauce)
I love their Honey Mustard Sauce! must try! My all time favorite is their Sal Sal chicken! taste so crispy and well seasoned!
 Rice Cake Soup With Chicken RM6.90
taste ok nothing much to give me a Wow.
 Honey Series Medium (4pcs) RM21.80
This is good! the skin is so crispy! Honey + Crispy skin is a plus point! Their chicken meat are tender thou!
 During peak hours *sorry uncle ur face is in my blog*
 What i like about Korean and Japanese Restaurant is that they are usually more tentative towards providing the best service to consumers. They know what consumers demand for. So i guess this is why they provide this metal bucket for us to throw our food waste such as bones into it, so it doesn't look messy (some people just like to put the bones of the table ewwww. imagine the poor waiters have to pick it up)
 Besides, do you know that below ur table, there's 2 hocks for you to hang your bags there so that you can eat comfortably!
 Personal Verdict:
Food Wise: 
Personally i prefer Sal Sal chicken more! The crispiness and tenderness of the chicken plus a dip into the Honey Mustard just makes it taste perfecto! However, Peng and my nanny preferred Honey Series! While my Kai ko prefer Original Soy Series! So the taste varies according to personal taste-buds!
  Simple yet comfortable! The restaurant is very clean too! They provide 2 basins with soap and tissue for customers. And of coz suju posters and siwon statue makes a plus point for all ELFs
No complaints. The waiter and waitress are friendly and they are happy to respond to customer's request. thumbs up! But I guess not everything a systematize because when Peng requested for refill on the radish, the waitress humbly said that they are currently not refillable as some issue are not systematize. hmm i hope next round the radish are refillable thou

Our bill ended up with RM70.20 including tax for dine in. 

Btw, the outlet manager did told us that moving forward they are aiming to open more franchise in Malaysia! So i am really hoping that Kyochon opens around Sunway Pyramid or Mid Valley! And also to JB, so that JB people can taste this awesome food!
Can't wait for this Friday as my favorite Kangin and Kyuhyun will be heading over to Kyochon for the grand opening! yeppie!


  1. The chicken looks delicious! I live near 1U so I've always wanted to try Kyochon, but somehow never actually had it, haha~ And if I'm not mistaken, BBQ Chicken is a Korean chicken restaurant which has been around for many year (it's nearby Kyochon at 1U) but they seldom promote, so not many people know about it.

    1. yeayea it's delicious! nxt time muz go try! or myb u cn drop by this Friday cse kangin n kyuhyun is goin *faint* but i dun think they will operate tat day..maybe half day?
      Yea yea. u juz remind me of BBQ Chicken *1Utama Food Adventure* smacks face

  2. you got invited for their grand opening? :) btw why is the bill so expensive? i thought rm6.90 only/ :O

    1. Hi Jess! nolar where got so lucky and famous kena invite :(. bahaha cause i was so gan jiong to update this post. forget to add price for other food. i only state the price RM6.90( which is for the rice cake soup only teehee). updated the price for each food i ordered!

  3. Hye! i'm Muslim( islam pople) so i just want ask you this restaurant Halal for Muslim? is there Halal"s Logo there?
    hao about the owner it is korean people?


    1. Hi there! hmm i am not sure about the Halal logo, but there are many Muslims dining there! so i guess it's okay :). From what i heard, the outlet manager isn't Korean.

  4. Friday you going? Haha wanted to try but no ppl teman me T_T

    1. Hi yuh jiun.yup im going this friday. Haha u cn ask other blohhers go wit u thn cn try more things!

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  6. Wow u went there!!! The chicken look yummy!! So did you manage to go for the fan-signing event at the end?

    1. Yea yea.muz gv it a try! Yep I hv to help my fren to sign on her behalf tmr ^^

  7. Looks delicious :D Hopefully they open one in Pyramid!