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Universal Studio Singapore

So before i start sharing about my visit to Universal Studio Singapore.. I would like to voice out my frustration that both of us cancelled our BKK trip because our parents don't allow us to go *piff*. To compensate our broken heart and hope, we made a superb last minute decision to change our trip to Singapore(day before our flight to BKK). So here i am, a trip to USS... and there goes my 800bucks ++ for burning my hotel and flight (Never booked from AIRASIA.GO they don't compensate nor allow you to change your damn flight).

So back to topic, Peng managed to find a cheaper deal for the USS passes from Changi Recommends. you can actually purchase your tickets online to avoid long queue yet it's cheaper yo! *i will explain further at the end of this post* So we add on Express Passes which cost us SGD40 per pax. Since we will only be in Spore for 3days, so time is money lar. We paid SGD40 to avoid sucha long queue and we made the right decision la. Those without express passes need to queue estimate 60minutes for 1 ride. WTF

Oh before sharing the USS pictures, i shall share my OOTD lol. To match with the theme of USS, i dress myself up with a . I look like a freaking old giant like a failed child wannabe

USS have been divided into 7 different zones where you get to experience different sight seeing, concepts/themes! So let the pictures and some wordings continue this post

New York 

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase Ride

Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg
 another thing you should go for! We get to experience things shown in the movie etc (storm etc)


Madagascar: A Crate Adventure 
Who likes Madagascar will like this ride :)

Far Far Away

Enchanted Airways
Fun ride :)

Shrek 4-D Adventure
The storyline is interesting and this is my 3rd favorite ride!

Donkey LIVE
The cute girl is really friendly and interactive with the audience. Surprisingly, the selected people are participative and outgoing :)

We had our brunch and rest our foot at FarFar Away's Friar's Good Food
Fish and Chips SGD 9.80
The fish barter is too thick which make us feel bloated, but the fish taste not bad thou.
Prawn SGD 9.80
Prawn and squid taste good! Portion is quite big for me.. The prawns are fresh too.

Ancient Egypt

Treasure Hunters
 this ride basically goes a round trip and all you see are the scary shiny bugs you saw in The Mummy and there you go, sitting on the thing go one round.
I couldn't believe those without express passes been queuing up for 60minutes just for this lousy pathetic ride! I bet they will feel frustrated and cursing around because they waited so long for this lousy ride. I have the urge to walked upfront and ask them not to waste their time for this damn ride! but i have no guts la. I even hurt my knee during this ride, and the outcome is a SHIT ride. 

The only thing i appreciated during this ride is this pic i captured
Revenge of the Mummy
OMG this ride is so mysterious and the express lane zone is really scary lol. cse it's too quite. But this is really interesting! i believe there is 360 degree roller coaster ride. No pictures since we kept our stuff in the locker.

Lost World

Canopy Flyer
This is quite a scary ride lar for me, ntg for me to hold on around me, i only get to hold the thing that protect me, our legs are hanging in the air lol. So but its quite fun lar.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
The Jurassic Park ride is quite disappointing thou, only a short final 5sec i feel the nervousness sigh

 Water Show
Interesting story line, the girl is so pretty wei. You can select 3 zones to sit on and if you are sited in these 3 zones, you get a chance to get wet!
Sci-Fi City

TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle Ride 
My favorite ride will be The Transformer Ride ofcourse!! It was so damn "adventurous", interesting story line! Huhu, i wanted to ride one more time, but meh i did not buy the express pass which allow you to re-ride the rides you love! *its damn exp k*

Then within a specific period stated in the guide, there will be mascots or people dressing up in specific dress code performing and some allows you to take picture. You can take picture with them with your camera and theirs (of course the pic they took with their camera are nicer*purposely one so you can buy the pic*)
So here are some of the pictures of us and the mascots, some pics are ugly...hope Peng doesn't kill me for posting these up *hides*


 Sesame Street

 Keke i bought one of this which cost me SGD19.90... comes with drink too. i choose milo :)
More tourist pictures

Lastly, a must picture when you visit USS

So my favorite ride goes to TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle Ride  
2nd favorite ride: Revenge of the Mummy 
3rd favorite ride: Shrek 4-D Adventure

The lousiest ride goes to.... Treasure Hunters XD

Ticket Fees
At USS, the counter are selling 
Adult One Day Pass - SGD74 
Child One Day Pass - SGD54

But Changi Recommends is selling
 Adult One Day Pass - SGD68
Child One Day Pass - SGD49
Check out the link here Changi Recommends

So per pax we used up to SGD108 for this USS trip

How To Get There
1.Sentosa Express
- SGD4
From Vivo City

2. Boardwalk

Transportation To & From USS

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