Monday, February 3, 2014

Yadah Bloom Mascara Review

It's time to review this awesome product as i believe good thing MUST and HAVE to be shared to everyone so that you guys can try it out too! I am glad that I got this awesome opportunity to try out Yadah Bloom Mascara.

 For me, whenever i go out with my sis or friends, if i am in a good mood, i put on make up. The only make up i put on will be MASCARA. since i only know how to use mascara at the moment (still have not achieve my 2014 resolution: learn how to use eye liner).

What's more is, i only use Brown Mascara as i think it looks more natural. I would avoid black mascara at all circumstance *i have no idea why, maybe it looks too...dramatic?the effect of black mascara* 
BUT i would go for this Yadah Bloom Mascara next time! check out why:

This is how the packaging looks like

Yadah Bloom Mascara (Volumize) Features:
• Smudge free 
• Water resistance
• Give more superior lash volume & length
• Removable with lukewarm water
• Sulfate, surfactant, talc, artificial colors, artificial fragrance free.
A closer picture of the mascara brush
Did a vlog on the effect of using lukewarm water to rinse off my mascara. Sorry i have no idea how to make my video vertically and the poor quality (watch in 1080HD):(
Product Review:
Design & Packaging: ★★★
Hmm Simple yet nice. no complaints!
Volumize Feature:
 Yeah, i do think that it help me to make my lash looks fuller! My lash doesn't crumble together like a cockroach leg!
Smudge Free Feature:
Smudge free feature is quite impressive like other Japanese brand Mascara i used before.
Lukewarm Water Washoff Feature: 
 Hmm, personally, i prefer to remove it sing make up remover as i think it's cleaner to use make up remover instead of washing off with water. So i don't think this feature will attract me.
Price wise, i think it's reasonable to get this type of good mascara with this price (RM35)! Besides, you can print out this voucher and enjoy RM8 off with purchase of RM48 and above worth of Yadah products.
Valid until 16 Feb 2014 only!

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