Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random Update

Will be blogging about few reviews this week so stay tune please!
At the meantime, i'm going to update something simple to keep my blog entertained *haha*

So few weeks back was Kyochon Pre- Opening night whereby Kangin and Kyuhyun came!
Since i helped someone to sign her calender, i get to see them up close. Although i look so damn fat hiao (Vain) and retarded with flat nose, but these pics can prove that I DID SHAKE HANDS WIT THEM
u c u c..sipeh vain. wanted to put as fb pro pic, but damn it la my face. smack myself. i look like i wan to swallow kyuhyun into my stomach or kidnap him to be my boyfriend XD
 The Boys ^^
 Selca with the signature before returning it to the owner

Oh Mid Valley is having the CNY fair now, you can find the cotton candy seller located opposite MANGO Men
look at the cute cotton candy.. yea i gulp the whole cotton candy by myself. #foreveralone no one to share with TT. BTW it cost RM10 for this cotton candy. There are 4 more patterns which range from RM10-30

 Hopefully i get other Spore pictures from Peng by this week so i can update my blog asap :)

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