Monday, January 6, 2014

Tipsy Brew O' Coffee, Setiawalk Puchong

Celebrated my birthday eve with Peng, her bf and a friend who born on 28 Dec (different year, his older bahaha). Dressed up superb casual, as if i were going to mamak/ old town. sigh.

Would like to thanks Peng for looking out a nice cafe for us. Otw, she refuse to tell me where we were heading to =.=. Anyway, she lead us to Tipsy Brew Coffee, which located at Setiawalk.

The name of the cafe seems interesting
Some info about coffee
Tipsy Brew Coffee offers around 9 varieties of cakes, pies, scones, breakie etc so perhaps you could have your brekkie there as they serves big breakfast (if im not mistaken).
Wanted to try their scones, but i wasn't in a good condition, so i wont ruin the indulgence of scones now.
  Sorry i only took a picture of their menu cover *like wtf*
 So yea, here's our order:
 Marble Chocolate Cheesecake RM9.90
Each plate of cake will have different chocolate art on the plate! I don't eat cheesecake. My friend said that it wasn't chill enough so it doesn't taste that good.
Nutella Crepe RM13.90
This taste good! the crepe is so fluffy, me like! It wasn't too sweet thou! But chocolate and NUTELLA lovers will definitely like it
A closer look of each layer of the crepe
 Super Breath RM9.90
Hmm first off, i have no idea why this cake's name is so special lol. It's a outer layer of cream with butter sponge cake, while in between each layer of sponge, it's coated with chocolate and banana. I think this taste okay.
 Hot Vanilla RM8.90
Since I am having a bad cough, i have to choose something without caffeine, so this was my choice. Taste rather blend. Not liking it.
 Caffe Latte RM8.90
Vanilla Latte RM9.90
 Not going to comment on these both drinks as it wasn't consume by me :)
BTW FYI, they do serve FOC refillable skyjuice (atas abit instead of using plain water lol)
 Pictures Time
Excuse my pale skin and pasar malam OOTN
Peng and myself *thanks airen*
 Birthday girl and Birthday boy. celebrating with him the 2nd time
 Present Opening "Ceremony*
 It's damn funny and Peng left me speechless once again, she gave me this huge recycle bag i thought wah so big a the present. Mana tau, i found a kicimiao present inside =.=
 I was happily taking pictures of my pressie. i think my chin will be MIA real soon *damnit*

Bill ended up RM67.55 including 10% Service Charge

Overall, my feedback on Tipsy Brew O' Coffee is that, I will revisit IF I drop by Setiawalk, i wouldn't go all the way from my hse there just for this. But I would definitely go back for the Nutella Crepe when i'm craving for it. I would add credits to the chocolate art on the plate! Staff there are friendly for sure!
Tipsy Brew O' Coffee is located near F-Block boutique


  1. Tispy Brew is my regular spot for sipping coffee and doing my college work. I love the environment there and of course, it's near my house. But I would recommend Caffeine, which is located at the first floor (Do visit there if you're at Setia Walk, their environment is just gorgeous :) )

    1. Hi Nicole, yea the environment is gd! okay sure! would take up ur recommendation so during my nxt visit i will drop by Caffeine!