Monday, January 6, 2014

Serverfreak your one stop web hosting provider

Few weeks back I was one of the lucky butterfly who get to attend the Butterfly Tea Party
The tea party was located at SHOW.CASE , which is located at Kelana Jaya.
SHOW.CASE is an event venue where parties, product launching etc can be held there:) WIth their superb view of the lake, i bet it will look nicer at night!
So this is how it looks like.

 Serverfreak friendly staff
 Illy and Ayna in charged of registration area :)
 mamasan's handmade notebook! Gorgeous designs
 Another picture of both pretty butterfly swat team! thanks for taking care of us all this time!
 A Sneak peak of the venue
 Once again, Ask Joey never failed to impress me with her deco! look at it, isn't it nice?! I bet every girls likes it!
 The scones and macaroon are eatable
 At the other corner will be high tea pastries and bites from Teaffani High Tea! Some of the pastries and bites taste really good!noms! good service thou, the waiters initiated to pour coffee/ tea for us
 i love the sausage bites! noms
 Thanks 123 Cheese Photobooth all bloggers have fun taking pictures with the props! And the printing was superb fast too!

Mamasan gave some speech
 and congrats to Butterfly Project Malaysia Official Website Launching! *throw confetti*
 Later on, the person in charge of Serverfreak started giving us guidance
 So some of you might be thinking what Serverfreak is, what they do?
ServerFreak actually specialize in providing web hosting solutions! Below are the lists of services Serverfreak provides
  •  Domain Registration 
  • Shared Hosting 
  • Email Hosting   
  • Blog Hosting(for bloggers like me, online shopping sites etc)
  • Dedicated Server     
  • Web Design & E-Commerce Solutions     
  • Server Management Service
Do you know that the following blogs are served through Serverfreak??
Of course Butterfly Project Malaysia is served through Serverfreak! What's more is 
CHEESIE, KAMPUNGBOYCITYGAL, BANGSARBABE etc served through serverfreak too!
 i was like WAH cheesie! Check out other people's testimonials on Serverfreak too! then you know you wouldn't choose the wrong hosting services

So, are you a new blogger? YES? all you need to start a blog is a web hosting service by Serverfreak, select a domain name and use wordpress blogging platform!
Basically, Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package solves that problem for new bloggers.
Once signed up with Serverfreak, we get a wordpress template for FREE fully installed with all the basic widgets needed to get our blogging journey started!
All we need to do is just focus on starting thinking creative blog post!
Besides, Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package includes these features as below!
 Guess what! It's only Rm298 for the 1st year service while renewal fees will be RM198 per year!
Want more info about this awesome package?
Check out
Serverfreak Website
Serverfreak Facebook

Example of a wordpress blog
 Later on, there is a lucky draw session whereby few bloggers are the lucky ones who get the
Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package! And I was one of the lucky one *throw confetti*
 CPMoon won the best dressed!
 My best instagram prize and Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package prize!
 Some bloggers i knew!
Top: Fiona, Lizzie
Bottom: Fiona (hahaha we have 2 Fionas), Me, CPMoon!
Munching Ask Joey's macaroon! it was unexpectedly good! not that sweet compared to other macaroons!
With Julianna!

Don't have a selfie with Sabrina in my phone sobs

 With Mamasan! Thanks for being an awesome mamasan to all butterfly! Really appreciate what you did for us, expanding our networks and gain more opportunities to attend event *sobs*
 My door gift: Etude House Cleansing Foam!

Once again i would like to thanks Butterfly Project Malaysia for selecting me to join this awesome afternoon tea party, i couldn't express my gratitude in wordsTT
Besides, Thanks for the awesome photobooth services
Thanks AskJoey -TheSweetestParty for the pretty deco as usual!
Lastly thanks Serverfreak! Thanks for being so patience in my enquiries!

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