Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glam your toes nails with Bloop Toe Strip

Have you read my Bloop Nail Polish and Nail Strips review? If not, check out this link bloop up your nails with bloops nail polish and nail strips

So this time i will be reviewing their toe nails!
This is quite cute!

First, ensure your nails are clean without nail polish on it! Excuse my ugly toe
Take one of the toe strip and stick in on ur toe nail , gently fold the excess part of the strip on (fit it exactly ur toe nail's size n length)
Then use the buffer to remove the excess part so that the nail strip are in the correct size that fits ur toe nails
After that, u can slowly tear off the buffed part easily
Repeat the same steps to other nails
Tadahhh done! This steps takes up to 10minutes ++! Easy peasy to get nice toe nails!

Interested with Bloop Nail Polish and Nail Strips?
Where to buy?

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