Monday, December 30, 2013

Ninetology U9 Z1 VS Samsung S4 Mini

So few weeks back i was given an opportunity to use Ninetology U9Z1 and Samsung S4 Mini for a week.
Below are some of my reviews after using both phones hope you guys find it useful thou.

Before giving my reviews, some pictures of the phones to kick start this post.
Ninetology U9Z1- Black
The back of the phone casing looking classy with a matte touch
FREE casing
some cool build in emoticon 
Samsung S4 Mini
Comparison of size between Ninetology U9Z1 and Samsung S4 mini
A random comparison between my Note 2 and S4 Mini lol

A simple comparison i did to show you the specs between Ninetology VS S4 Mini

Personal Review of Ninetology U9Z1 VS Samsung S4 Mini
Size: Ninetology U9Z1
Personally i prefer bigger size phone. So in terms of size it's definitely Z1. *Thats why i choose Note 2*. Since i am famous of Typo Queen, a bigger phone definitely reduce the % of typo, but still i managed to have tons of typo within a conv. But for those who prefer to do smtg dangerous ( msg while driving) smaller phone is definitely ur cup of milk since it's better to hold a phone with one hand.
Camera: Ninetology U9Z1
Personally, i prefer Ninetology U9Z1's camera, no doubt it's front and rear camera is better than S4 Mini. I really wanted to show you guys the pics took by both phones. But MEH i forget to transfer the pictures from the phone, and i just returned it back *damn pics* Sorry for being careless. But i think U9Z1 is better!
Packaging Wise: Ninetology U9Z1
I was quite impress that Ninetology, a Malaysia brand actually put effort in it's packaging *u noe wat i mean*. The packaging is actually better than S4s'. It makes it much more classy and cool. So it's definitely a plus point! What's more is, Ninetology includes free casing for us!
Microchip Wise: S4 Mini
Since i am only using it for 7 days, i can't really say which one is better, but from the chart above, u cn see that S4 uses a better and faster microchip.
Battery Wise: Ninetology U9Z1
I would say that Ninetology battery last longer even after several days few hours leaving the wifi off and on. 

So that's what i tested in the 7days of usage. This is all based on my own opinion, each person may have different opinion :).

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