Friday, December 27, 2013

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014!

So it's almost end of the year now, 2014 is approaching. Sigh the disaster year..2014..
Everything increases except our salary *pity* *pats own head*
 I usually did my resolution in terms of what i want to achieve in my studies, what i want to get for myself etc.. This time i gonna do a beauty resolution for 2014!
So think of beauty i actually have quite a list of things i wan to achieve!

1. Learn how to draw eyeliner.
This isn't a joke. for someone like me in the age of ... 22 and above *sorry it's so annoying to state my age*.. doesn't know how to draw a proper eyeliner *smack face*. Every time i tried to draw, u nd to see from far. never see up close if nt u will see crocked liner hahaa. Then i have to force my sis to put on my eye liner *like a princess*. So yea, in 2014, i nd to get hands on drawing a perfect eyeliner!

2. Slim down my tummy
No kidding, my damn tummy looks like i am 3months pregnant *sigh*. with tummy, how to wear tight shirts, my h&m dress also cnt wear d. It's so disgraceful to see my tummy poping out saying hello first instead of my smile. So yea! everyday sit up 30times and bicycle ridding in the air!

3. Do more mask 
I have tons of mask ranging from hydration, whitening, firming laying down in my messy table waiting me to use it. But they failed to seduce me cause i am too lazy *hehe*. So i better use them even they don't seduce me while laying on my table.

4. Facial!
I think it is important to pamper myself more. Every time i visit facial saloon, they squeeze my whiteheads and blackheads till my tears drop. The beauticians will then tell me, "wah u got many blackheads" "ur pores are big" haih i noe i noe dun remind me! So i think it's better to go for facial every 2 months :)

5. Eat healthily
I believe when i eat healthily and drink more water, it helps to boost up my immune system and naturally, my skin complexion will look good ^^

6. Find a suitable skin care product
Since my skin is quite sensitive, i need to find products that uses natural ingredients! The best is without alcohol too.

 So since it's going to start a brand new year soon and in conjunction with new year and Chinese New Year, The Butterfly Malaysia and Yadah is holding an event next year at Little Wonton, TTDI!
Hohoho! this is going to be a great opportunity for those who want to discover the gems (product that use natural ingredients). I heard that Yadah products are certified by Korea FDA. They uses natural ingredients like these. It includes natural plant ingredients. Hmm, it's also chemical-free and it have no artificial colouring!
Yadah have cute packaging!
so yeah! hope i get to attend this event so that i can gain more info about natural skincare products to protect my skin ^^

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