Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

This year, i celebrated my Christmas eve by having a BBQ session with the frens.
I never BBQ scallop, char siew, oyster, chicken chop etc before! so it's quite special! Thanks to Hui yi's bf *clap*
So i guess most people just skip my words and see the pictures instead.. so without further-ado, pictures time *sigh failed blogger*
Never trust my selca pics, cause i look okay in it and look like a shiat in group pictures.
  Everything just taste so damn good *tears rolling*

Group photo time!
 Exchange pressie time!! hahaha it's fun sooo fun!
 Elisha being "lucky" since she get
Then a cake pops up, i actually thought it was for Peng cause when we opened the fridge, we accidentally saw the cake lol. but never thought it's also my cake *whee touch touch*
 Me ^^
 Bt then, this girl happily sit there and ask for a picture hahaha
Thanks everyone *hugggg*
The three of us ^^
In conclusion, do not believe my selca ^^


  1. No, you still look good in group pictures.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday in advance! =)

    | |