Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Hey peeps. i am so sorry that i have lots of pending post yet to update.
 Stay tune for my Bloop and Serverfreak post!

So i will just update some days which i have passed interestingly lol.
On the 22nd Dec, it's Winter Solstice Festival! Yet it is my bestie Peng's birthday!
Her bf actually planned a surprise event on21st at Garage51, mana tau, due to Capricon's smartness, we can identify and suspect surprise events easily.

Finally i get to try this drink (Mochatella) at Garage51! *me likey*
This drink attracts me cause they used Coffee Ice cubes instead of normal ice cubes. It also contains Nutella! Just pour the milk in and stir well. It's ready to drink!
Simple setup yet comfy and nice. Love sitting on the upper level cause i can observe what others eat and whether there's famous ppl in the cafe *lol* But the downside is, people might be able to spot my double chin from below *smack face*
 The Baskin Robbin Cake for Peng
 Happy Birthday Peng! *chu*
 Selca of the day, being beh paiseh act cute somemore

on 22nd Dec, took her to Antipodean, Bangsar for breakkie.
hmm, actually i don't know why it is so highly rated, the only thing i found it special on their Big Breakfast is the mushrooms! I love how they marinated it, there's also garlic used which makes it taste better!Aside to the mushroom, the beef sausage taste too salty, hash brown nothing to fancy about.
Both of us prefer the Egg Benedict with Bacon more. This taste good!
I Like their Mocha thou!
 Dropped by MV later for my facial review. Grab a free cotton candy before the appointment :)
 My christmas pressie from my head, Celine ^^ imma happy girl, but cnt eat now, imma coughing like shit.
 Guess what i got for myself as my Christmas and Bday Pressie? Sony NEX5-T. Gonna do a review after i explore the functions. This also means that i achieved my one of my resolution of 2013!! a new camera *throws confetti*

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