Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where to find cheap homestays in Penang?

Occasionally, we would plan with our friends to travel somewhere near, maybe to Penang, the another place that filled with good food. When it comes to accommodation, we might struggle a bit. Since some of us might be on a budget trip with a bunch of friends or backpack travel, we couldn't afford to stay in some famous hotels and yet we might consider many things such as the below:

- Location strategic enough?
- Cost
- Free WIFI

Lately i realized that iBilik actually enable us to get some reasonable price. Check out Penang homestays
I always find that this site is really convenient and easy to use. What's more is that there are variety of choices for you to browse around ranging from CHEAP to affordable pricing.

What i like about it is that i can sort the place i want to look into for ex Banyan Baru, then i just click on Bayan Baru. Then select the type of room i prefer.

There is also a choice between cheaper rental or highest quality. Some of us might go for quality.   Clear categories make user’s life easier by just one click, I can see the homestays with the best quality ranking first! So I do not need to see other irrelevance things
Moving on, it enable us to know how many customer left review on this homestay
I bet most of us, when we found the accommodation that we are interested in, if the site do not provide any customer feedback after their stay, we would google it to know how is the review on the particular place. So for me, i think it's convenient as we can see the feedback right away in the same site!
Renter will actually list down more details about their place, things they provide and even a map for us for our reference.
The booking slot that is really convenient as there is pricing provided and the available calender slot

I would recommend my readers to check out Penang homestays when you plan or in the midst of searching for the right place to stay when you visit Penang or other places around Malaysia!

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