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1Utama Wonder Food Adventure

Last Saturday i managed to join 49 bloggers from Butterfly Project Malaysia to attend 1Utama Wonder Food Adventure. That morning with my kiasu-ness i went with an empty stomach so that i can fill my stomach with bunch of yummy food in 1Utama

Do you know that 1Utama is WORLD's 4th LARGEST Shopping Mall?? 

Since it is the 4th LARGEST Shopping Mall in the world, of course it consists of varieties of foods and you can satisfy your taste buds with Penang or Melaka local foods without traveling all the way there!

On LG Floor itself, there are many eateries such as below!

LG Promenade
-          SS2 Goreng Pisang
-          Ninja Joe
-          Ko-Hyang Korean Country Delight
-          I Love Yoo
-          Mr Cendol
-          Seaweed Club
-          LAVA
-          Bisou
-          Oyster King
-          Poh Xiang Bak Kut Teh
-          Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo
LG Highstreet
-          Lammeeya
-          Vivo American Pizza and Panini
-          Food Box
-          BBQ Chicken

 All thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and 1Utama, 50 butterflies including myself get ourselves a FOOD PASSPORT so that we could start our 1Utama Wonder Food Adventure right now and for free! Imagining tasting all these varieties of eateries!!

 Starting my journey towards the heaven of food

For me, i think 1Utama is really convenient as there are varieties of eateries for consumers to choose. Based on our appetite, we can go for something light or heavy. Based on the above list, let me categorize it into light and heavy eateries! :)

 If we want something light like snacks, we can go for:
1) SS2 Goreng Pisang (LG Promenade)
You can find some light snacks like Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana) famous local snacks, Fried Spring Roll, Fried Yam or Potato, Ikan Keropok (Fried Fish Fingers) famous malay snacks.
 Look at it *omg*

2) Bisou Bake Shop (LG Promenade)
Another place where you can find light snacks such as cupcakes, cakes, the beautiful cupcakes will just attract you to stop your foot and look at it.

3) LAVA (LG Promenade)
Craving for some Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/France bites? Lava offers Macaroons, Swiss Rolls, Chorus and even spaghetti!

4. Mr Cendol (LG Promenade)
- From Mr.Cendol, we can get light snacks like cendol or rojak! Cendol and rojak are one of the local delights! If you are craving for laksa or nasi lemak, you can get it from Mr Cendol too!
Check out their famous rojak and cendol. The rojak taste good but bit spicy. Spicy lover will love it!
The yummy cendol that allows you to adjust your sweetness preference by giving you a bowl of cendol without gula melaka and a bottle of gula melaka
5) I Love Yoo (LG Promenade)
You can find some local snacks such as Yao Za Guai, Sesame Balls, porridge, Soya bean here. I love their soya bean!

For some who look for heavy meals (like rice or something that really fills up your stomach) you can go for the below:

1) Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo (LG Promenade)
You can find some stuffed meat paste in Chili or ladies finger, Beancurd, Fried Fu Cok etc

2) BBQ Chicken (LG Highstreet)
You can look for some Korean food too! BBQ Chicken, the shop that originates from KOREA. They are famous of frying their chicken with OLIVE OIL. Craving for some chicken? Try this out! It's really good their chicken texture is really tender!

3) FoodBox (LG Highstreet)
Foodbox offer various rice sets and some kuih (Pastries) to satisfy your stomach

4) Oyster King (LG Promenade)
- Haha, you can get your craving fixed if you are craving for Klang or Penang's Oh-Jien (Fried Oyster) They have different flavors for their Oh-Jien. They even serve fried rice!

5) Seaweed Club (LG Promenade)
They offer something like popiah but it's wrap with seaweed and the ingredient are different, i think i will call it as seaweed salad roll that comes with four flavours.  For my family and myself, we think it taste great! something simple yet delicious to full our stomach up.

6) Ko-Hyang Korean Country Delight (LG Promenade)
- Craving for Korean food? Here you go, Ko Hyang, they offer some varieties of local Korean delights to satisfy your cravings! I tried Ko Hyang before, their bimbimbap taste good!

7) Vivo American Pizza and Panini (LG Highstreet)
Vivo, is a place that satisfies your crave for American Pizza, pastas etc! You can find thin crusted pizzas here!
 Baked Chicken Chop (With Superb Thin and Crispy Skin). Crispy chicken skin and tender meat with the combination of their own sauce makes this dish stands out
 Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza. love the thin crust!
Check out the thin crust!
Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream

Except good and variety of food you can find in 1Utama, do you know that 1Utama offers 1Utama's Loyalty/ Privilege Cards (One Card)

If you are not familiar with ONECARD, here are some info:
- ONECARD holder will be rewarded with endless shopping privileges
- With every RM1 you spent at any ONECARD participating outlet (entertainment, food,shopping), you will earn 1UPoint. These UPoints you can redeem it (It works like cash!). 
Lets say i accumulated 60UPoints in my ONECARD, i can purchase something from any participating ONECARD outlet without paying cash! *how cool*
 I bought myself a Forever21 skirt with my UPoints without paying 1cent!

Besides that, you can useONECARD as a prepaid parking ticket. It's not only eco-friendly but also ONECARD holder are entitled for exclusive parking entry and at a lower parking rates!
My ONECARD and some awesome goodies from 1Utama! Thanks 1Utama and Butterfly Project Malaysia for this awesome experience!
Around applause to Tammy (Our mama-san) and Illy for their hard-work that day!

Besides that, I am grateful to make a new friend, Stephie! She's pretty and her skin looks flawless *Envious* Stephie was my food partner for 1Utama's Wonder Food Adventure! :)

 For more info about 1Utama or 1Utama Wonder Food, check out their social media link below:
Official Website
Official Facebook Page

Ending this post with my happy face after filling up my stomach with different eateries!

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