Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Imedeen Product Review

Hi readers, not sure if you remember I mentioned above the boxes of Imedeen I got past 4months back.I am here to update you all about my 3months Imedeen review!
First of all, let me go through Imedeen’s product information.

Imedeen skincare tablets offer internal skincare that work below our surface of the skin from within, it helps to create smooth, supple and beautiful skin. Imedeen works in the deeper layers where topical creams and lotions cannot reach, to improve the skin's overall quality, structure and appearance.

I am sorry that I could not provide any photo about my before and after pictures as my camera couldn’t show the difference and the outcome I felt couldn’t be express through pictures. So do bear with me by reading through my reviews ;)

Before I consume Imedeen, I observed that my skin condition (My elbow especially felt dry, My face usually feels dry on both side of my lip area, Visible pores). So starting of the first month, I barely notice any changes was abit down, but I believe these outcome are depending on personal immune system. Some of us might take longer time to see visible effects.

The mid of second month, I started to feel that my elbow do not seem to be that dry compare to the first month (note: I did not apply lotion on my elbow during my 3 months of Imedeen consumption). However, pores are still visible, nothing seem to change much on my facial condition. SO I patiently waited after I finished of my 3rd box of Imedeen. Of course, just like any supplements, results may vary depending on the individual

After consuming all 3 boxes of Imedeen, I noticed that my lip area isn’t that dry compare to before (note: My facial used products are still the same). And these are the effects I felt over the past 3 months. I heard some people can see visible effect from consuming Imedeen, but to me the outcome is okay. So let’s see whether there are any reverse effect after I stop consuming Imedeen! So far I still don’t see any reverse effect =)

Last but not least, feel free to check out more information about Imedeen at their official website

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