Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Watami Japanese Restaurant, Paradigm Mall

 My second visit to Watami Restaurant *the day i got SS5 ticket on hand teehee*
This time i had my lunch at Watami with my mummy and sissy! We choose Value Set Lunch for 2 which cost RM59.80++

Check out my previous post on the Value Set for dinner Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
The menu with variety choice. You can choose one dish from A to D, 2 from E. Or add up additional dish with 50% off
So here is our choice!
Option A- Appetizer  (Jikasei Niku Miso Hiyayakko) 
the tofu taste extremly good with Watami's meat miso paste! A bit of sourish taste makes it more appetizing
 Option B - Sashimi and Sushi (Nihotate Sushi)
 which is scallop, hoho it taste so good, the scallop taste so fresh.
Option C  Skewer & Hot Plates (Ika Maruyaki)
I love this squid hehe. it wasn't over cooked or grilled. The texture is chewy, it can be chew easily! Unlike those which are over cooked until it taste like rubber. The teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise of course goes wells with it
Option D  Noodles & Rice (Tokyo Gyu Don)
This is one of my favorite one among all! After mixing the egg with the beef and rice, it taste so good. i think the beef was cooked and marinated perfectly! The taste is just too awesome and i don't know how to describe *sorry* but it really taste good!
Our additional add on Watami Tonkotsu Ramen
The pork taste good, taste tender and smooth! The soup based taste good. But after that, it makes us feel thirsty thou. hmm
For Option E - Dessert (Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly and Maccha Ice Cream) 
As usual macha ice cream taste good! for me i don't really like the coffee jelly, but my mum likes it :)

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