Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Restaurant Boston , Klang

Hello! Today i am going to post some food post ;)
So back to topic! I am so excited when my college friends said that we are going to Boston!
Heard about Boston for quite sometime. My friends said that the food there taste awesome and it's not pricey! However, in the gloomy side, affordable and tasty food = QUEUE and WAIT. 

So yea i think we waited for approximately one hour plus with our empty stomach!
it's really torturing to see plates of yummy food passby us. The aroma or scent of the food *omgiwancry*
so i think either you have to drop by there earlier or bring some biscuits just in case you are too hungry lol

So let's cut the grandma story short! Pictures time!!
This is the famous, must order "Xiong Tong La La". 
You can actually see most tables will actually order 2 plates! When i actually taste it myself, i know why people order 2 plates!
When you actually taste it, you will feel hot *just like what my friends said* . I think it might be because of the combination of ginger, chili padi. But you can't stop from eating it! The aroma and the taste of the soup is just perfect! The lalas(Clam) are fresh too! *omg i miss it d!*

The next must order, Hokkien Mee
As a hokkien mee lover, i do think it taste good! not every places cooks nice hokkien mee! i am happy that this hokkien mee taste good!
The next must order, Nestum Heh Kou
From my point of view, anything cook with Nestum will taste good! so no doubt it taste good, it taste just nice, not too salty.  
The next must order"Yuet Kong Cao Hor". It's actually fried Keauy Teow with Fresh Egg. So the "Yuet Kong" resemblance the moon. When you mix everything well, it makes the Keauy Teow smoother! This taste good! really good >x<
The last dish is "Ham Yu Fa Lam Yok"! it's salted fish stir fried pork!
I love this dish also! taste extremely good! I can actually eat it without rice! The sauce is just perfect! Some restaurant's Ham Yu Fa Lam Yok taste too salty. But for me, it's just good!
So we ordered 2 Xiong Tong LaLa, 1 Nestum Heh Kou, 1 Ham Yu Fa Lam Yok, 1 Hokkien Mee, 1 Yuet Kong Chao Hor and drinks. The bill ended up with RM108 for 5 people!