Sunday, October 13, 2013

My life

Hey readers! *any?*
Some of you might be tired of my beauty products reviews. So here I am, a little update about myself. 

Just in case you have no idea what im doing right now. I am actually working and waiting for my degree cert and graduation ceremony which will only fall on next year freaking April. *meh*

Cant wait till Nov 23! I'm going for Super show 5 like finally! 강인! I can see him like finally haha. 
I think this month is a good one cause I got invited by The Butterfly Project to an event and some product review opportunity.  The Butterfly Project really do provide lots of opportunities for us. So feel free to check out their Facebook page :)
Please be good to me too the following months. 

Oh yea! I am trying out Mireica now. Will update my review in few weeks do stay tune! 
There will also be a mini Giveaway, so please drop by often to check out :) 

Some pictures of myself and my friends to end this post :) cheers.

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