Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3 Concept Eyes 3CE Glass Lip Color #403 Glass Red Review

I guess no one wouldn't know what Stylenanda is right?!
It's a superb famous korean cosmetic, fashion appeal brand
And their models are pretty and they have really good figure *envy mode on*

This series consists of 3 colors
have been hesitating which color to choose. and i ended up going for #403
#403 Glass Red

#404 Gloss Orange

 #404 Glass Pink

Stylenanda models
Sora on the right, isn't she damn gorgeous?!

Product Demo Time:
So let the picture do the talking at the mean time ^^

Product Review:
 Basically i would rate it 4.5/5!
Superb satisfied with this lip stick! It can be applied really smoothly, it's quite long lasting, and the color is really good! It wouldn't look like damn red, it looks like sweetish red and it really vibrant up my lips tone. *thumbs up*
 I have 1 more 3CE product to review, it's a lip tint, so do stay tune yea!


  1. last pic the lips color look amazingly natural!! nice nice nice ! where u get the lip stick?

    1. Yup.this look really natural. My sis bought it for me frm korea >< bt I believe thr r some seller hete r selling this ^^

  2. The colour is really pretty and natural.

    Feel free to check out my blog


  3. Replies
    1. You r most welcome ^^ thanks for dropping by

  4. hey, i wanna ask something. is it glossy lipstick?? thx for the review

    1. Hi thr sorry for the late reply. I dun think its a glossy lipstick but it is really smooth. If u r finind glossy lipstick. U cn try etude hse dear my jelly lip its really glossy type ^^

  5. i have try 3C3 Lipcolour no 10 and seriously nice..make me look natural with colour orangee