Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hello June, half of year 2013 just flew off in a blink of eye.
34 Days more till i complete all my finals ^^ hope things goes through smoothly 
Many things happened this year. Which i couldn't imagine it would happen
But things made one stronger right, and i am much more relief how my life is right now.

Oh yea, i cut and dye my hair! finally, all my frizzy hair are mostly gone. but still gt la of coz
my ootd and some pictures of myself before i chop off my frizzy hair
 Oh yea, i fall in love with Peplum Shirt and flare skirt! 
anyone willing to sponsor? Contact me at suquankon@gmail.com LOL just asking
 And tadah, my red medium length hair =) love it hate it?

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