Friday, March 29, 2013

Holika Holika HeartFul Moisture Lipstick Kissing Red Review

Hey yo! i am back peeps! so sorry for abandoning my blog TT
Btw, today yea, as what my title mention. i will be reviewing Holika Holika's Heart Full Moisture Lipstick
i am so grateful that Holika Holika sponsor me few products ^^
And all my review are based on honest review as a consumer*i swear lol*

Overall review is at the end of the post yea!
Holika Holika Heart Ful Moisture Lipstick Kissing Red is one of the the product i got!
As you know, red lips is kinda hot right now! it makes people looks cool and sexay!
even Jane, one of my favorite blogger is using red lipstick! 
So this is how it looks like
Look at the color of Kissing Red!! so nice right! and it's heart shaped! 
at first i thought that i will be difficult to apply since it's heart shaped.
but surprisingly, it's easy to apply/use ^c^
Swatch of kissing red
 This picture shows you the effect before and after!
 Close up
Ok..i neither look sexay nor cool. *watever*
i still love it so much! sorry for the excessive selca.. 
since i have not tried real red lipsstick.. so.. i selca like mad

Packaging: Easy to use! i love the shape of the lipstick! Kinda easy to apply!
Smell:'s like a mix of berries smell to me. myb i'm wrong?
Texture: Easy to apply on! (Even my lips is really dry, as u can c in the Before pic!)really moisture, can fight with Etude House's Dear My Jelly Lipstalk!
Conclusion: Yea! i gonna try other colors! perhaps, i might ask my sis to get me one from Seoul! 

I'm a lipstick/ liptint/ lip gloss lover! i just think that lip make up and eye brow is the most essential make up tool!


  1. Heart shaped lipstick so cute! I recently just purchased a red lipstick for myself too ^^
    Strings Of Memories

    1. Heheh yea! Korea cosmetic always looks cute n special.

  2. The heart-shaped lipstick is special but the colour is too bright for me :P

    1. Yea. Not everyone lub this color.but this rangw of lipstick have other nice colors too ^^