Friday, March 29, 2013

Holika Holika Gradation Neon Lips Orange Review

Being a responsible and efficient blogger, i'm gonna blog about 
Holika Holika Gradation Neon Lips Orange Review
Thanks again to Holika Holika who sponsored me these
PS: it's important for u all to know that i really review all these products through honesty!

This is how it looks like!
 Here's some step to use Holika Holika Gradation Neon Lips Orange 
 It's categorized as 
Step 1 (Lip Tint) where you just damp it on your lips
Step 2 (Lip Gloss) it enriched your lips more
How the lip tint looks like
Lip Gloss
 Lip Tint Swatch
 Before and after, click on the picture for better quality image!
Selca ^c^

Packaging: Easy to use, thou some times i accidentally turn the lip tint and brush in another way(up side down)
Smell: It makes my lips smell so orange! orangy orangy! Essential choice for orange lover!
Texture: I admit the lip tint is kinda difficult to apply on dry n chap lips (reminder for myself to moisture my lips!), btw, the gloss makes the lip tint blends well thou! which makes the color looks extremely nice!
Conclusion: I feel like trying other colors too! *yea i love it*

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