Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twin Towers Alive 2013

A superb late post about Twin Towers Alive 2013.
Lucky me able to go to the Twin Towers Alive concert the second time for FREE!
but to be honest i still have no idea where i win my tics from. but i am still grateful that i get to win 1pair of tickets for both days!

Manage to see U-Kiss and 2NE1 yo!!! like finally 2NE1 came to Malaysia! all thanks to Jojo event, Petronas, etc etc

The conclusion of both concert were, U-Kiss are handsome and friendly as usual! 2NE1 are pretty! Bomie so cute and pretty, i like her so much ^^ Thus, Let the pics talk

 Earth Hour

 2NE1! so near to them! first row ^^
 celebrating bomie's bday

Some fancam recorded by my sis! For more videos click into my sis's utube channel ^^
Twin Towers Alive 2013 Fancams

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