Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

While you are in Korea, Seoul. What are the food which comes into your mind?
For me, it's definitely Tteokbokki, Pajeon, Beef, Street Food 
Somehow, my boo and i coincidentally found this shop, so we budge it cause we were so hungry and cold
and who knows, we found that we did not choose the wrong restaurant! 

Our bulgogi(beef)

 Can you see the boiling pot? Everytime i see it, i felt like eating it again!
The marinated beef was cooked with a mouthwatering stew with onions, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and green onions instead of BBQ. And the texture of the beef is so tender and juicy. As the beef soaks it's own juice, whenever i bite the beef,  sweetness and savory of the beef are flowing out in my mouth. With the sweet and savory beef, the fragrant stew, it's an excellent combination with white rice!

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