Thursday, February 21, 2013

buzz KOREA: Transportation From Incheon Airport to Seoul

There are few ways for us to get to Seoul from Incheon Airport
1. Subway (Commuter)- Seoul Station
Duration: 53 minutes
Cost: 4,050Won

2. AREX ( Subway Express)- Seoul Station
Duration: 43 minutes
Cost: 14,300Won

3. Airport Limousine Bus Deluxe- Sejong Hotel(Myeongdong)
Duration: 50 minutes (IDK)
Cost: 14,000Won

4. Airport Limousine Bus Standard- Sejong Hotel (Myeongdong)
Duration: 50 minutes (IDK)
Cost: 10,000Won

5. Taxi

For more info, check out Buzz Korea , Visit Korea

For me, i took the Commuter Subway, so after you rent your olleh wifi or collect your luggage, turn left and walk straight following these kind of signboard stating Airport Railroad
Then when you come across to their ice-skating rink, which is on the center,
the airport express subway will be on your right, whereas the airport normal subway is on your left
This is the normal subway train
The Airport Express
The airport express ticketing machine
 You can use your T-Money for normal airport subway
2pm welcomes you lol *can u spot Jun.K?^^*
 Once you touch your T-Money or inserted your ticket, take the escalator down to catch the train


  1. Those pictures are so nice. I like that place. Thanks for sharing. Gatwick Meet

    1. Hi thx for dropping by. yea. seoul is a beautiful place!