Monday, February 18, 2013

Rent Internet in Korea? Olleh Wifi

Wifi/ internet is like a MUST for everyone right?! Even when we visit other countries!
Cause even when we travel to other countries, for sure we will Tweet/ Msg/ Instagram!
With Olleh Wifi, you see i can update my instagram or twitter at anytime, everywhere
You see, i can update my tweet anytime, can spam my friend's news feed also and instagram can upload some food i had and my vain selca in Seoul ^c^

So if you are planning to go online every time, every where in Korea with your smartphones or tablets.
Olleh Pocket Wifi will definitely solve your problem out!

All you need to do is, once you arrive at the Arrival Hall 13or 14 at Incheon Airport 
This is the counter where you could rent olleh pocket wifi, phone
You can connect to the internet with Olleh with maximum up to 3 devices
Rental per day is 8,000Won, you can either pay by credit card or cash.

When you want to return it, there's a counter at the Departure Hall, however if you pay by card, you need to return it back to the counter where you rent it.

For more info, click on this site Olleh Wifi Rental
opposite of the rental counter
This is the casing of Olleh Pocket Wifi
 You will be given a charger to recharge your Olleh, and there's a sticker with your Olleh Id and password

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