Friday, February 22, 2013

Awesome Week

Hey yo! since i am quite in the mood now *blasting kpop songs*, so i am shoooo motivated to update my blog now. don't you find kpop songs are addictive, funky, fun? it definitely increase my motivation to blog 

Anyway, i did have a fun week cse i am not staying at home most of the days, if i stay at home everyday and have ntg to do other thn going online i will feel that i am hving sucha decadent lifestyle

One of the day i have my brunch with Peng at Plan B
we had their Big Breakfast which comes with orange juice and coffee/tea 
Their big breakfast taste good thou! i asked for scramble egg(you can choose which way you prefer your egg to be prepared)

NOTE: All pictures are capture by Note 2's Camera and Camera 360
I choose Early Grey Tea *i love it* 
My OOTD theme- Casual lol
Our OOTD, doesn't peng looks stunning? hehe 
Selca OTD
Souvenirs from Peng *chu chu*
Another night, we gathered at Elisha's house -Gamble-
 Her hyperactive dogs TT
 Another day out with my boo OOTD
 At night, we had dinner with mua family -Lou Sang Time ^^-
 Lou a Lou a~~ May we bless with healthy body condition and wealthy =)
 Another Shopping day with Peng ^^
 Lovely Peng and Myself
 Our OOTD *i look fat here..piff*
 Our Lunch~ Peng's Dorisak
 My Set which comes with Kimbap
 Lastly, some selca
 I found this pic kinda funny lol
 My Note2's casing isn't it cute, the left one i got it from S.Wang, right is from Korea ^^

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