Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine Day

Every year Feb14th for sure you walk to your left or right in the shopping mall or street you can see couple holding hands. It's quite annoying for single ppl k! i understand the feeling even though i have my other half now. *piff*

Anyway, this year my boo and I celebrated at Mid Valley's Delicious 
first time dining there =) 
 My choice- Cabonara with beef 
My Boo's- Spaghetti with Duck
Melting Pot with Marshmallow
 Watermelon with lychee
Second Round Chilling at Starbucks
Our Couple Phone - Note 2 =)
Thx to my oo once again ^3^
Lastly, my valentine OOTD


  1. Happy Valentine's day! I hope and your boyfriend had a great time together. You and your dress looks so lovely!

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    1. Thanks for your compliment ^c^ Hope you enjoy my blog =)