Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello Kitty Cafe, Hongdae Seoul

Most people will include Hello Kitty Cafe in their itinerary when they visit Seoul right? 
Even i am not a Hello Kitty lover, i still decided to pay a visit there ;P sure must follow the trend right XD
When i did my research, i found out many people said it was quite difficult to spot this cafe, 
but for me i think it's quite easy. hope the direction(at the end of the post) i provide helps you guys ^^ 

Personal Advice: Best not to drop by during weekends, cause it was soooo packed when i arrived there, quite difficut to get a seat TcT. This cafe was filled with Koreans and tourist.
Overall Hello Kitty Cafe doesn't let me down, because i was kinda afraid that it taste bad cause i heard many bad reviews for Taiwan's Hello Kitty Cafe. I would drop by again when i pay another visit to Seoul =)

The beeping device

I ordered Toffee Nut Latte (4,500Won)
- their toffee nut latte wan't bad, but still i prefer Starbuck's kekeke (aiya how to compare, but it's consider a good cup of latte for me)
Boo ordered Caramel Latte (4,500Won)

Our Caramel Waffle (3,500Won)
- it taste good! Even thou the waffle texture was so so, but the touch of caramel syrup and the whipped cream makes this waffle taste good! (PS: i usually don't eat whipped cream cause it's fattening and doesn't taste good, but somehow my boo and I love it lots.)
our bill 


 Their Menu

Buzz Korea
1. Hongik University Station, Exit 5, Once you get out of Exit 9, you will see KFC on your Left, Beside KFC will be GS25 or other local mart
2. Walk Straight, and you will passby BeansBins Coffee,

Continue walking straight until you see Eblin on your left

and Mister Donut opposite of the road. (Once you see both of these landmark, you are on the right way)

3. Just cross the road and turn left, walk pass Mister Donut, and continue walking straight
4. Then when you see Tony Moly on your right, immediately make the right turn into the alley beside Tony Moly, and continue walk straight (It's better for you to walk left side of the road)

5. Walk straight, and you will spot Watson on your Left, When you spot Watson, immediately make a left turn and there you can spot Hello Kitty Cafe *jjang*


  1. I just found your blog the other day and love it! I really want to visit a Hello Kitty one day, hopefully one day.

    My blog:

    1. Glad tat u like it ^^thx 4 dropping by