Friday, February 1, 2013

Dearberry Miss Perfect Gel-Liner Review

Dearberry is a new Korean Skin Care and Cosmetic company
i get to know Dearberry when my sis asked me to watch Angel(Beautifymeeh)'s youtube video
Angel introduced some of Dearberry's product. Haha Angel was very influential lol, cause after i watched her video in the hotel, i went and get it the next day ;) no doubt, she is one of my favorite blogger ^^

Dearberry have an outlet in Myeongdong, it's just right opposite Mplaza ;) and the staff there are really friendly ^^
Dearberry Miss Perfect Gel-Liner cost only 7,000won! 
which is around RM20 ! consider cheap right?! 

Just to highlight again, mine is #03 Pearl-Fact Brown ;)

This is Miss Perfect Gel-Liner outlook

How it looks like

There's a sharpener included at the other end of the liner

How it looks like on my hand ;)

After washing n rubbing with water

Close up, personally i dislike drawing my liner too dark cse it looks fierce on me,
so here's my outcome

 Selca with my liner on ;)

As i saw Angel's video, she showed herself washing off the liner on her hand,
so out of curiosity, i as a consumer, i wanted to know whether it really is waterproof, so i tried out myself
and conclusion: IT IS!
Watch my video here

Yup, i'm gonna repurchase, in fact i am going to soon =D
i planed to get back the same color ;P

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