Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kongbul (콩불), Hongdae

Teeheehee every time i browse back the food i ate at Kongbul, i started to feel hungry! piff
From what i saw from other site, they stated that, Kongbul is form by

sprouts: kongnamul 콩나물 
PORK: bulgogi 불고기

Kongbul seriously taste good! although the sauce is quite spicy, but we still can handle it la
normally i don't really like to eat bean sprouts, but this time i really love it so much! 
the bulgogi taste soooo good! i will drop by again to Kongbul when i visit Seoul again! argh

This is how Kongbul looks like

Their Menu

For me, I ordered Kongbul, Set B (2pax)
it consists of (PORK) Bulgogi, Cheese, Udon, Friend rice and a pack of fruit juice

The fried rice

this is the fruit juice, it taste good!
 side dishes 
 Here comes our Kongbul *look at the bulgogi and cheese!!*

 ok ugly me

 after the cheese is added in, we are ready to dig in!
 when we are almost done, the rice was added in =)

Hongik University Station, Exit 9
once you come out from the exit, you can see Watson, then after walking for a while you can see another alley on your right, then you can make an immediate turn into the alley on your right =)

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