Friday, February 1, 2013

Andong jjimdak 安東찜닭

Had Andong Jjimdak ( 安東찜닭) for my first meal in Seoul =)
I dined at the branch in Myeongdong. 

For those who do not know what Jjimdak is, 
"Jjimdak is a dish made with chicken, various vegetables clear cellophane noodles marinated with some Korean based sauce."

When you are in Korea, Jjimdak is one of the dish you have to try! 
so do remember to note down Andong Jjimdak in your itinerary =D

Overall i would recommend Andong Jjimdak to everyone! their Jjimdak taste good even it's quite spicy for me, the portion was quite big, 3-4 people could actually share it
Personal opinion: when i ate only the chicken and vege, i don't think it's spicy, but when i tried their sauce i started to feel spiciness, but for those who cant handle spiciness maybe you can drink some of the sourish soup they provided, it can help a little. 

However, the branch i went, the staff couldn't understand english, 
since Myeongdong have two branch of Andong Jjimdak, maybe you could try out the bigger branch (there might have staff who can converse in Mandarin or English) cause i believe the branch i went was a smaller one, and i can only spot Koreans in this restaurant lol

It's located right beside ClubClio 

It's located on the basement of the building =)

Menu of  安東찜닭
I think this is only available during weekdays 11.30am-5.00pm
since we dropped by on Saturday, so yea, we are not entitle for this promotion =(

From what we observed the koreans, 
the black bowl is main for your food waste you can just dispose your chicken bones etc into the black bowl instead of placing it on the white plate ;)
they also provide a pair of scissors for you to cut the noodles as it is quite long

 Complimentary kimchi and some sourish soup which helps you to reduce the spiciness of Jjimdak

 셀카 time

 The comfy environment =)

Here goes our lunch *nom nom*
as you can see there's chicken, vege, some chili *yup, it's quite spicy, yet taste good! yummy*

the boo started to dig in
Our bill ended up with 28,000won, it's always good to dine in any korean restaurants cause they provide complimentary water and side dish =)

Buzz Korea

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