Sunday, December 9, 2012

Foruchizu @ Isetan KLCC

Holla! Dropped by at Foruchizu's pop up store on Saturday with sissy
Guess what, the cloths are soooo pretty! I wan most of it la TT
Btw, foruchizu is a brand own by Cheesie and Audrey! The two famous Malaysian blogger!
Saturday was Vivi's fashion show, all models wore different japanese brands modeling! Those cloths looks damn nice too!
This is the popup store deco
Audrey and Cheesie rocks the runway!
All models
Audrey, Me and Cheesie 
Audrey, Sissy and Cheesie
Me and Chuckei a.k.a Jane
Me and Ashley
Sis and Chuckei a.k.a Jane
Sis and Ashley
Isn't all of them pretty?!?! So slim so pretty! TT envy sial
Oh i forgot to mention that.. Cheesie, Audrey, Jane and Ashley were so friendly! ^^
Was so happy that. Get to met so many famous bloggers ^^
Got myself this shorts from Foruchizu, which looks like skirt! Isn't it pretty?!
And once we bought our stuff from Foruchizu, we get to have a free manicure! And I spotted a sunny there ^^
Some selca of myself with my pink

That's all! Hehehe caoz

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