Friday, December 7, 2012

Yuzu, The Gardens

Okie, as I mentioned in the last post, I finished my finals
My sweet boo secretly escorted me towards Yuzu.
I thought he was going to bring me to Pappa Rich!
Cse he say yea he is bringing me too Pappa Rich cse that side was the only restaurant I can thought of.
Who knows... Hehe.. a meal to treat me completing my finals ^^
Lol. Too much grandfather story huh, back to topic
Flipping through the menu wasn't sure what to order
Finally..our choice were
Mine: Sashimi Sukiyaki Set RM38
At first i look at the sukiyaki i said wah! So many things inside! But ended up:
Too much white cabbage @@ eat till I scared, soup based was sweet,I love it, so only few slices beef was given TT, one tofu, one black mushroom etc.. Lol

Main highlight was actually this sashimi,
damn nice the salmon.. Lalalalala so soft so fresh got the so salmon aura *thumbs up* however I was fancy about the tuna or whatever fish it was, but it was really fresh! Compared to the one I had in Zakuro 2 *the red one* and I think the prawn taste.. Erp
boo's: Unagi Sukiyaki Set RM48
My boo thought that he choose the wrong set. Yea, I agree.. We both choose the wrong set! Sad. Nvm I still love Yuzu XD
Bill ends up with RM102.10
Oh this was Mid Valley's Christmas deco! So in Christmas feel now!

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