Monday, December 10, 2012

Propwall - Discover Malaysia Luxury Property

Nowadays most people starts to look into purchasing their own house 
Moreover, the cost for one house now is superb expensive! you can imagine how expensive it will be on the upcoming 5 years. 10years.. etc TcT
I guess most of us will search for information we want about the latest properties either through
1. Newspaper
2. Property magazines
3. Online Search Engine/ Properties websites. which most of us used the most now
Speaking of Properties Websites, i found one cool website on Malaysia property
This is the main page of propwall

From the main page, it is quite convenient already, as you can see from the screencap below
It categorized Most Wanted properties, Hot Properties For Sale, Hot Properties For Rent, Top Ares
Therefore it is quite convenient for us as a user to know which are the most wanted properties and the popular ares, so that we could have an idea which are the popular choices among all buyers

It also well categorized the type of property we would like to search for like condominiums, house, office, land etc, so that we could save time going through other unwanted categorize which can be a waste of time! you know lah~ busy people, have limited time to waste right!
Huh! as a user i really like the details they include in! So there isn't much differences than browsing through the website compare to properties magazines
you see, they included the property details well
A chart of the property you selected to show you what is the current and past market trend of the property price offered
After that, if you are really interested with this property, you can always click To Buy or To Rent button

On the other hand, you can click on the classified section, to look at the properties classifieds being post on the website, and you can see what are the things offered by the property agent or renter etc
 Whats more! i can ask the agent to call me back by leaving down my contact. no need to waste my own telephone money. *kiamsiap lang*

hmmm.. with internet.. things just become much more easier with just few clicks, you get to look for the information you want!

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