Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday 120901

hang out with the boo after class at Sunway Pyramid, luckily there's GPS if not he wouldn't know how to come lol
Our mission was to search for the price of Long John and buy the remaining ingredients for Tom Yam Soup.
Lunch of the day: Ayam Penyet
We go for ala crate choice and add on 2rice
Fried Catfish (Lele Penyet) RM6.90
As we know catfish don't have much meat on it
The chili they served are the main highlight. So spicy XD

Fried Pomfret (Bawal Penyet) RM10.50

Surprising,boo found Pyramid is better than Mid Valley. So he could pick me up every Saturday and drop by subang's mall. Good chance for us to explore huh

Fat me

When we head back to his house. It's time for a swimming session
My new swimsuit thanks to him *loving it*

Then it's time to cook for our dinner

Him preparing the prawns

Our Tom yum soup

His kong pou prawns 宫保虾
Seriously this taste good! His cooking skill improve bit by bit
That means I get to eat more delicious cum heartwarming home cook food!

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