Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fong Lye , Sunway Pyramid

Sissy bring me to Fong Lye for our brunch since she gets her pay *ngek ngek*
we ordered

- Pudding Milk Tea
before having this, sissy has been craving for Fong Lye's Pudding Milk Tea so much!
i just couldn't understand why she craved for it so much...until i taste it myself..
their milk tea was awesome! and the pudding they gave! OMG! it's like a perfect combination!
yet the pudding was quite chewy!

- Taiwan Style Oyster W Egg
we ordered non spicy cse sissy can't stand spiciness XD
this is also a supreme delicious dish! the sauce on top blends well with the oyster egg
OMG! must try!

- Sweet Potato Balls
for a non sweet potato lover (sissy) she love this dish! can you imagine how tasty it is?
NO?? GO TRY IT THEN! u wont regret ordering it!

FONG LYE has never disappoint us..

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