Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nagomi menara hap seng

nagomi was overwhelmed with positive comments whenever I check on bloggers comment.. 
And I finally tried Nagomi with my boo..
We dined at Nagomi Menara Hap Seng, it cost
RM38.80++ per pax, and Ocha RM2.50 per cup, refillable.

However, my boo and I thought that overall the food wasn't anything worth fancy about, it's average.
- prawns are fresh and huge
- The slipper lobster aren't that fresh.. Only few are fresh, and the fresh ones taste sweet and juicy
- little crabs aren't fresh at all
- I like the beef, but boo thinks all are average
Yea that's all based on our opinion.. If you are curious about nagomi, just give a try, no harm trying it thou
- sauces aren't that special
Anyway let the picture talks

These crabs are not fresh!

Ice cream machine

Happy hour 8-9pm they serve fresh salmon slice
i prefer cooked salmon instead of eating raw, since it wasnt that fresh

Some sushi provided

Ducks and lamb

Mushroom species and fu chok


My sweet broth after dumping in tons of food

Dessert.. So so

Mango and ribena ice cream taste not bad

Lastly... Us 오빠,사랑해:)


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