Thursday, August 16, 2012

Totally Thai , Scott Garden (revisit)

This is kinda late post, anyway this was my second time dining at Totally Thai, located at Scott Garden. This is one of my favorite Thai restaurant :)
The staff are friendly and helpful, nice environment, nice food with reasonable price.
Since it's having Ramadhan Set Meal, my boo and I decided to try it

Their Ramadhan Set, we choose Set D

2cups of Sarsi

Lol our rice

BBQ Chicken
No doubt they never let us down, this taste awesome! With the dip of the sauce it's almost perfect!

Taste good! Not too spicy!

Our main highlight
Seafood Tom Yum Soup
Taste just perfect, not too spicy until we couldn't drink the soup
The amount of seafoods they gave was quite generous and fresh!
Perfect! This makes us have more appetite!

Since we haven completely fill up our tummy, we ordered a side dish
Chicken Wings!
The chicken was well marinated, well cooked! U have to try it!
Totally different from some shop's fried chicken which was not well cooked with blood inside. Eww.

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