Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Best Korea Travel Apps

Phuuu.. Finally I managed to complete my 7days 6 nights itinerary for our Korea trip. *claps*
These few apps makes things easier for me while researching about the place to go, subways line etc.

1. Jihachul
Price: FOC
it shows you all subway lines in Seoul, very compromise

It also tells you which side of the door you should exit
It definitely save up place for your bag without carrying the troublesome brochure and travel guide with you.

2. Seoul Travel Mate
Price: $0.99 (I sacrifice paying for this apps okay:( )
This is an useful apps for you to estimate you time arrival, subway fares
Click on Subway

Choose Seoul or Busan or whatever you are planning to go

Select the departure station

Then select your arrival station

Then it will show you to number of transfers, total fare, estimated time arrival

3. I tour Seoul
Price: FOC
Choose any options, for me I choose attractions

Choose any category

This is the info about the place you selected, address, and the subways line you should take

You can also choose dining, choose a category

Here you go..

Other than these 3 apps, I used this notebook apps to manage and prepare my itinerary
1. Note Plus
Price: $7.99
I really like this apps. Enable me to arrange everything in sequences
Sample of what I did

Enjoy! Hope these info enable you to prepare your itinerary easier

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