Thursday, August 30, 2012

Totally Thai , Scott Garden (part 3)

Lol, if you are my loyal reader, you would realized that...
My boo and I always dine in Totally Thai, Scott Garden..
Do you know why again?
the answer will be, 
price is reasonable, nice environment, great service and DELICIOUS FOOD!

I combined both visit i made to Totally Thai... cse i have 2/3 post about their food!

The food we ordered

Set Menu
 ME! lol
 Seafood Basil RM14.95
this taste good! the taste blends well with the basil leafs as it gives out the uniqueness flavor that we never try before yet delicious!prawns are fresh, generous amount of seafood given! There's sotong in it too!
 Kangkung Belachan (S) RM7.95
HAH! i love their KANGKUNG! the amount of belachan they put in is perfect!
the spiciness.. *thumbs up* don't underestimate the SMALL size.. it's actually more than enough for 2pax
Tomyam Soup Seafood (Clear) RM7.95
hahaha to be honest, we were kinda shocked with the size of this dish whn they served us!
*so "BIG" portion!* however, they gave plenty of seafoods like prawns, sotong, fish and taufu pok!
Tom yam soup taste nice! the sourness and spiciness are perfect! and the soup wasnt that thick which suits our liking!

they do offer SET MEALS!

SET D RM18.00++
- Thai Black Pepper Beef Soup with Noodle
(the beef soup was normal, ntg special, beef are overcooked..kinda disappointing)
-Prawn Toast
(For me, the taste is special, indescribable, but boo thinks its normal)
-Teh O Ice
(no comment...taste like teh o ice lo!)

SET A   RM18.00++
- Shrimp Paste Fried Rice
(taste awesome! the taste is just perfect, with a bit of spiciness !yummy!)
-Stir Fried Kangkung
(The way they cook their Kangkung never fails to satisfy us!)
-Tom yam vegetable Soup
(Tom yam soup taste great as usual, perfect taste of sourness, spiciness,thickness)
- Teh O Ice

and boo bought all this ingredients preparing to cook for his darling *me* lmao
anticipating his cooking!

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