Saturday, March 24, 2012

Khun Thai , Jalan Gasing

Finally, a day out with my Tpians =)
Dine at Khun Thai which is located at Jalan Gasing PJ
The environment is quite comfy and some sort of "atap" house feel

Overall the food taste good, i love the pandan chicken so much!
But i wasn't too fancy over the Tom Yam Soup as it taste quite strong for me
i think the white tom yam soup will taste better
The seafood are fresh thou

Having thai food today, kinda console myself as i couldn't make it for my BKK trip

Pictures time
Pandan Chicken
 Thai Green Curry Chicken
 Pear Juice
 Pak Ku ***( forgotten the name)
Tom Yam Soup with mixed seafood
 "四大天王" four types of vege (spicy)

Dessert Time
 My dear who came back for taiwan for good!
 The Tpians =) i know i look cacated in this photo =X
Girls are born to be calculative or care about any single thing which cause chaos like jealousy or whatever shit. And i am still ain't cool with him, i felt neglected/ forgotten/ whatever shit it is. On earth, which girl or women thinks it's okay with this matter. I care about this matter is because i care about everything about me and you.

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