Sunday, March 25, 2012


Time flew, glad to be with you mybf, 
i know it's your pleasure to have such well-mannered, cute, pretty?,considerate girlfriend like me ^^
thanks for being considerate on my situation and my emoness ♥
 as thought of our korea trip
it naturally links me to SHINee's comeback

hope our trip will not face any obstacles AGAIN *begging UOW*
i couldn't afford to undertake any shock from you guys after my failed BKK trip

 okay back to topic...
To be honest, SHINee did improved a lot

SHINee- Sherlock MV

SHINee- Sherlock MR removed (proves they can sing live really well!)

SHINee- Stranger

You are neither in the right position to say others acting bitchy
think back what you did before saying others

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