Friday, March 23, 2012

Girls Generation live in malaysia


couldn't believe i get to see Girls Generation LIVE
yet within a near distance, effing near distance!! (the 2nd row in front!)
All thanks to Malaysia Airlines who giveaway free tickets (my sis was one of the lucky winner)

What i can say is, the girls are damn pretty, damn slim, damn cute!!
prettiest girls i have met =)

But ,attending concerts in MALAYSIA
concert management sucks TTM, NOT WELL ORGANIZED AT ALL
sound system were bad
but thanks to Petronas for bringing Girls Generation to KL =)

Girls Generation sung 6 songs that night
- The Boys
- Genie
- Run Devil Run
- Hoot
- Mr.Taxi
- Gee

Pictures Time =)
Pictures taken by ipad2== sry for low quality pics


  1. Omg you are so lucky! I loooove GG - I wish I had the chance to see them live :D It must have been so much fun!

  2. Hiii yea yea, was really lucky to get the golden pass. there will be a chance for sure! hope they will have their concert in msia nxt time ><